ADCO Super Thumb ST1 Speedloader


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The Super Thumb ST1 Speedloader easily fits magazines for the following handgun magazines: Astra – A80, A90 Beretta – Cougar 8000, 8040, PX4, 92, 96 Browning – High Power Colt – 2000 and Gov. Model FNP – 9mm HK – USP IMI – Baby Eagle IWI – Jericho Keltec – 9mm & 40 CZ – 75 Star – 28, 30, 31 S&W – 58, Sigma, M&P 9mm & 40 Sig – 226, 228 SCCY – 9mm Springfield – XDS, XDM, XD40 Steyr – Mod. M, Mod. 9 Taurus – PT92, 111, 917 Ruger – SR9 Walther – P99 This small piece makes magazine loading easier and lighter on your thumbs. SPECIAL NOTE FOR S&W SHIELD OWNERS: You may notice that this model is not listed on our "fit sheet" following the directions shown here. That is because we do not have an exact enough fit for it to be listed. HOWEVER, the short story is that the ST1 does work well. Because the magazine is so wide, our basic single stack mag loader is too narrow. The ST1 does fit, but there is a slight wobble. After the first round is placed on top, the depressor rod centers the loader for easy completion of the task. MADE IN USA

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