Black Unstitched Gun Belt, English Bridle Leather, 14 Ounce – Stainless Steel Hardware – Handmade in the USA!

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Exos Gun Belt, English Bridle Leather, 14 Ounce – Stainless Steel Hardware – Handmade in The USA Made in the USA! If you’re in the market for a premium tactical leather gun belt for men that is durable, unobtrusive, and perfect for everyday wear, then look no further. The Exos 14 oz. Leather Gun Belt is proudly hand crafted in the USA using a single layer of only the highest-quality 12-14 oz. English Bridle Leather. This leather is drum dyed cowhide that will age well over time, while providing superior support to your everyday carry while keeping your gun holsters concealed . Once you feel the strength of this gun belt, you’ll never wear your old belt again. Great comfort even when you are not carrying! Lightweight and discreet, yet more than sturdy enough to hold your holster, pistol, magazine pouches, flashlight, knife, or anything else that you may need without fear of sagging. The Exos 14oz. Leather Gun Belt features stainless steel hardware including Chicago screws to provide true quality that you won’t find in snap together models. The buckle is designed to allow the leather too effortlessly “roll” through the buckle without getting hung up, scuffed, or damaged over time. The belt measures 1.5 inches wide and .205 inches thick. The Exos Gear logo and the size you choose will be pressed into the inside of your leather gun belt. Sizing Method: Our belts are measured from the END of the buckle to the MIDDLE hole in inches. To accurately find your size, measure your current belt from the MIDDLE of the buckle to the hole you currently use when you are carrying your holster.

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Dimensions 12.0 × 12.0 × 5.0 in

32 – For 28" Waist, 36 – For 32" Waist, 38 – For 34" Waist, 40 – For 36" Waist, 42 – For 38" Waist, 44 – For 40" Waist, 46 – For 42" Waist, 48 – For 44" Waist, 50 – For 46" Waist