ESEE Knives RAT Match Fire Striker


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ESEE: “Fire building is a step-by-step process with preparation being the key to success. Sources for reliable tinder that will catch readily from the spark of a Ferrocerium rod are bird and mouse nest, various tree barks, dead grassed, pocket lint, and dry leaves. Once you have a good tinder bundle, gather progressively larger wood and have this ready before you light the tinder. You can also scrape off a small pile of shaving from the Magnesium end of the RAT Match. Magnesium will burn very hot and very quick, so make sure the shavings are well placed in sustainable tinder before lighting”


  • ESEE Knives
  • Randall’s Adventure and Training
  • RAT Match Fire Striker
  • Magnesium End
  • Ferrocerium End

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