Exos Defense KWIKGUARD Rail Covers — 3 Pk Assorted Lengths (Olive Drab)


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Exos Defense KWIKGUARD Rail Covers — 3 Pk Assorted Lengths (Olive Drab)

This pack contains 3 KWIKGUARD rail covers in assorted sizes. One piece is 6 1/8" long, one is 3 5/8" long and one is 1 7/8" long.These covers are intended for rifles with Picatinny mounting rails. These rail covers assure a precise, aggressive grip while not adding excessive bulk to the rail system. The KWIKGUARD rails snap securely on to the rail. Since they don't slide on, it is typically not necessary to remove the accessories. The rail covers can snap on to virtually any location on the rail. KWIKGUARD rail covers go on easily and stay put, enduring much abusive field treatment, until it is time to easily pop them back off.

NOTE on COLOR: Colors shown are an approximation. Computer monitors vary significantly making accurate color representation very difficult. Our colors are matched to FED STD 595C.

Comments from field tests:

-"We put them on 4 of our rifles for guys that actually use them. I would recommend them over standard Knights Armament rail covers any day. They are 10 times easier to put on. The grip is great, very firm and controlling. They withstood the heat of training for 4 days, so that is a plus. Overall I would recommend them to anyone that uses rail covers."

— Special Operations Trainer– "I placed the covers on my rifle before I instructed a 3-day basic patrol rifle course. I ran my rifle fairly hard in those 3 days. On more than one occasion, my rifle bounced off of the deck or a piece of cover. The covers stayed attached and never broke."

— Police Officer"When shooting I grip high on the fore grip and do not use a vertical handle to keep my hand in place. Therefore a good purchase of the fore end is important to me. The [KWIKGUARD rail covers] provided a solid purchase both with and without gloves. 

PLEASE NOTE: Pink rifle accessories are unique color formulations from manufacturer to manufacturer. Attempting to match pink accessories from different manufacturers will mostly likely result in various shades of pink.  


  • Covers snap on to rail – Virtually any location – Usually without removing accessories
  •  Aggressive grip is comfortable with or without gloves
  •  Fits all MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails – Low Profile
  •  Heat resistant materials – Same tough nylon as used on US Army rail covers
  •  Made in USA by the same company manufacturing rail covers for the DOD

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