L.T. Wright Patriot, Flat Grind, O1 Steel, Natural Polished Handle


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The Patriot Knife; a great all day, every day knife. This little knife will be a companion that will do everything from opening boxes at the office to being an impromptu bug out knife and emergency blade. We use 1/8 inch O1 tool steel for its superior edge retention and its semi-stainless qualities. In its business role, it’ll open boxes all day long and hold that good edge. In a bushcrafting role, its flat grind will cut through just about anything and you can use the sharpened spine for tinder gathering. Need a hunting knife, possibly a companion to your main knife or, depending on the game, as a standalone knife? The Patriot is a great little skinning and game prep knife with its flat grind, spear point, and O1. Your index finger will reach the end of the knife with no problem when skinning.


  • Overall Length: 5 5/8 “
  • Sharpened Edge: 2 1/2 “
  • Steel: 1/8 Inches O1
  • Grind: Flat
  • Made in the USA! 

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