Mil-Tec Men’s Reproduction M1 Helmet Liner


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The M1 helmet is a helmet that was worn by U.S. soldiers from World War II to the 1980’s, a period of over 40 years, and was the standard issue helmet during those times. This combat helmet was also referred to as the steel pot helmet and has become an item that many collectors like to get their hands on. Its design was so popular that many militaries throughout the world had also adapted this style to be used by their armed forces. The M1 helmet consisted of a hard steel shell exterior piece providing the protection and toughness plus a liner shell piece which contained the suspension system and sweatband. The liner is much lighter in weight and could also be worn without the steel pot shell as it provided slight protection. 

When combined the two pieces fit snugly together for a superior defense duo. The M1 helmet liners are often worn for parades and reenactments as they have the correct look and feel of a tough helmet but without the weight making it much easier for prolonged wearing. The M1 helmet liner is also a popular choice for Halloween costumes and theater or plays involving military characters for many of the same reasons. Get this Reproduction M1 Helmet Liner today and look the part of a real U.S. soldier!


  • Reproduction to look just like the U.S. M1 helmet liner
  • Olive drab plastic shell with cotton web liner suspension, leather sweatband, and adjustable leather chin strap
  • Adjustable so one size fits most
  • Not designed for protection but works great for Halloween costumes, reenactments, and theater productions

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