Nature’s Extreme Weapon Oil, Lubricant, Protectant, One Step Cleaner

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Nature's Extreme: The Most Advanced Protection for Your Firearms, Fishing Rods & Reels, and Archery Lubrication and Protection Under The Most Extreme Conditions! This product is 100% safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly lubricant that is food safe. Inside are special base lubricants designed to withstand the most extreme hunting/fishing conditions that nature can deliver. The unique blend of compounds in this product make Nature's Extreme odorless and translucent while still offering exception protection. Exceptional anti-friction properties of this lubricant and protectorant give your weapon or reel a smooth silky feel all while improving the overall functioning and effectiveness of all operating systems it is applied too. Nature's Extreme state of the art ingredients will prevent rust and corrosion under extreme and prolonged conditions. Nature's Extreme will also not form varnish, dry up, or damage surfaces & finishes. Nature's Extreme is so tough it can be used as a bar oil in chainsaws while never leaving toxic residue behind. Nature's Extreme will cling to water and even steam washed metal better than other lubricants. The main additive in Nature's Extreme is widely used in steam power as an excellent lubricant in high pressure/high heat applications. Nature's Extreme has superior results in a wide range of temperatures from -30 to having a smoke point of 400 degrees while still providing the needed protection. TOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: The bottle has two top options. The Dropper Tip and the Needle Nose. The bottle ships with the Dropper Tip and Child-Proof Safety Cap installed. To install the Needle Nose, remove the Dropper Tip by gently squeezing the bottle and using your nail lift that top off the bottle. Once removed, screw on the Needle Nose. To switch to the Dropper Top, unscrew the Needle Nose and snap the Dropper Tip in place. Changes out in seconds.

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